Free Mastermind Session

DATE:   Wednesday, April 23rd
WHEN: 7:00pm EST (approx. 2 hours long)

DESCRIPTION: Chris Cash and Mike Killam host a free Pro Wrestling Mastermind session, open to absolutely anyone interested in starting up their own news, blog or podcast site. By the end of this free training session, you will have your very own website set up with all the tools you need to take off and run with it.

After it’s over, we hope you’ll see the benefit of joining Chris Cash’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind Pro Wrestling Mastermind Group. However, there are no costs or commitments necessary to sign up for this free session on Wednesday.

Check out this short video for more details:

If you’re wondering EXACTLY what you will learn in this free, two-hour session, we figured we would break it down in steps. So, check out this incredible overview of the steps we’ll teach you, one by one, during this free session.

Step-By-Step Overview & Training Agenda

STEP 1: Setting up your new domain ($1.17 via
STEP 2: Setting up hosting for your site ($29 per month)

NOTE: Those two items are the ONLY expenses that are necessary to launch your own site. However, please note that it’s not necessary for you to purchase a domain or website in order to join this free training webinar. While we encourage you to follow along with us and get started with your new site, you do not have to purchase anything to attend this training course.

STEP 3: Install your brand new, very pretty website template (100% free)
STEP 4: WordPress basics (setting up your Menu, Categories, Logo, etc.)
STEP 5: Twitter & Facebook creation
STEP 6: Adding Twitter & Facebook to your website
STEP 7: Adding news, blogs, pages to your site (plus pictures, media, etc.)
STEP 8: Adding Google Analytics (to track all your website traffic)
STEP 9: Adding Google Adsense (to monetize your site)
STEP 10: BONUS OFFER + Introduction to Pro Wrestling Mastermind

“So, what’s the catch, brother!?” 

There is absolutely NO catch. If you’ve ever been interested in starting a site, this free session will be a complete, in-depth training course on how to do just that. The only costs involved are for the domain name and the host company. However, you do not have to make those purchases to join this live session. We recommend you follow the steps during the course as Chris and Mike go through them, but if you’re just wanting to join, sit back, and gain the knowledge, that’s fine too!

No one will lie though — our hope is that you enjoy this free session enough to join Chris Cash’s exclusive Mastermind group. It’s a small group that meets every week to help each other succeed with their projects, whatever they might be. There are only a few spots open, so if you’re interested, be sure you reach out to Chris Cash as soon as possible.

If you don’t end up joining the Mastermind group on a regular basis, that’s no problem — you’ll still end up ahead. By the end of this free training session, you will own your very own site with an endless supply of knowledge, opportunity and potential.


Wrestling Mastermind Online Webinar - Create Your Own Website

23 Apr 2014 11:00 pm
Creator: Voice Of Wrestling



“The number one thing I’m asked by wrestling fans is, ‘Do you have any advice on how I can get into the wrestling business like you?’ My answer is always the same: ‘Do it yourself!’ Why would I tell them that? Because it’s exactly how I got started. I started my Voice of Wrestling podcast over 10 years ago. I networked, I hustled, I barely slept. I went from 2 listeners the first week to thousands. I went from interviewing D’Lo Brown, my very first guest, to Steve Austin, Ric Flair, John Cena, HBK and hundreds more. I have had incredible experiences and met some incredible people along the way, too!

You know one of the very first things I needed? A website! I had to learn the hard way how to do everything by myself — you don’t, if you join this free session on Wednesday. Mike and I will literally take you step by step in setting up your first site. And then…it will be off to the races! The sky truly is the limit.”
                            – Chris Cash, Host/Founder of Voice of Wrestling

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