Why Do We Like This?

I’ve worked in television for over six years now, and in that time I’ve had to develop hundreds of projects.  As you dive deeper & deeper into this world that we call “development” you start to learn what people of certain genders and age groups like.  For example, teenage girls REALLY don’t like animation.  Why?  I don’t know.  I still haven’t figured out what teenage girls like.

So what’s my point with this?  [tweetable]Well, I was talking to my girlfriend who was watching professional wrestling for the first time[/tweetable] with me and she asked a rather difficult question: “Why do you like this?”  I sat stumped for a good five minutes.

Why do I like this?  I spend the majority of watching pro wrestling these days yelling at the television.  Why isn’t Daniel Bryan in the world title picture?  Why are you continuing on with Batista knowing that it may cause an all-out Ukranian style protest?  Can we please stop with the Great Khali?

Finally, I was able to tell her about my love-affair with the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels back in the mid – late 90’s.  Him chasing down Bret Hart for that World Championship at Wrestlemania will always qualify as the first time I openly wept from a television program.  I told her about Doink the Clown.  Duke the Dumpster Droese.  All these bigger than life characters I grew up with.  Sting descending from the rafters to save the day.  The N.W.O being so cool, you had to root for the bad guys.

It’s not hard to see that the WWE has lost sight of this.  Daniel Bryan doesn’t seem destined to make a young child openly weep.  There never again will be a Doink or a Duke.  The N.W.O doesn’t fit today’s PG model.  Sting may descend yet, but he’ll probably be beaten down and squashed by Darren Young when he does.

The WWE needs to remember their audience.  Generations change but demographics do not.  We all want to see the journey, the deceptions, the baby face triumphs, and the dastardly heel turns.  It’s the same way my girlfriend feels when she watches Scandal.  And if I were to ask her why she likes that show, she’d be quick to answer.

Me?  I’m dying to like professional wrestling again.

What do you miss about professional wrestling?  Email me at jakeaplunkett@gmail.com

Jake Plunkett is a comedy writer/producer based out of New York.  You may have seen some of his work on MTV, MTV2, FOX SPORTS 1, & currently over at NBC.   He’s an avid wrestling fan and has more cats than he’d like to admit (two).

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  • wzchriscash

    Love this first article Jake, and thanks for joining VOW! Can’t wait for your Throwback Thursday feature and eventually, the real special, surprise attraction that is classified, top secret stuff! :)